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Mark Spurlock MFT is a licensed marriage and family
therapist in the San Diego, California

Spurlock Marriage & Family Therapy

Spurlock’s approach to therapy is one of compassion and deep understanding. In therapy, he takes an systems l approach, often able to learn from each client’s experience, as well as provide insight to aid in the development of self-awareness and emotional healing. According to Spurlock, “we all have the capacity to change unhealthy patterns and thrive in healthy and meaningful relationships.


San Diego Marriage & Family Therapy

Marriage Counselor | Family Therapist | Trained Group Specialist

Mark Spurlock has been in the counseling profession for over 25 years. Over the past 2 decades Mark Spurlock MFT Developed the 4 point Diamond Relationship Skills Quadrant that has helped thousands of Marriages survive and ultimately thrive. This skill based approach opens the doors for couples giving them the tools they need to effectively move past bitterness, and disconnection to renewed life and connection! *Emotion-*Communication-*Agreement-*Awareness. Contact him today to get into the treatment for your marriage. Learn to navigate past the negative emotional build up, communicate with love and respect, get into agreement and be aware of the patterns that are undermining your relationship.

Marks history as a therapist began working with children who are most vulnerable. His graduate education and experience began as a trauma therapist for children working in his graduate program with a 3 year placement at Western Youth Services in Orange County.

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Are you and your partner feeling stuck in your relationship, unsure of how to move forward? Look no further than my approach to marriage counseling, where compassion and deep understanding are at the core of every session.


Dive into a transformative family counseling experience with me! My unique approach is rooted in compassion and deep understanding, creating a safe space for families to heal and grow together.


Embark on a transformative journey with Spurlock's approach to Pastoral counseling - where compassion and deep understanding intersect to illuminate your path towards healing and self-discovery.

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Marriage Counseling

Over the past 15 years Mark Spurlock MFT Developed the 4 point Relationship Skills Quadrant that has helped hundreds of Marriages survive and ultimately thrive. This skill based approach gives couples tools they need to effectively move past bitterness, and disconnection to renewed life and connection!

Emotional Understanding Skills in Marriage

Understand your and your spouse's emotional dynamics to avoid resentment and marriage issues. Negative emotions can harm your emotional connection, so learn to identify and manage them throughout your marriage.


Effective Communication Skills in Marriage

Effective communication is vital in marriage. Avoid damaging your relationship by expressing yourself clearly and respectfully. Identify and adjust your communication signature to improve accuracy. Explore Spurlock's TDK framework for healthy expression of frustrations in marriages.


Healthy Agreement Skills in Marriage

Crucial in marriage, this skillset is the key to resolving disagreements. Learn the Green Light/Green Light agreement method for immediate improvements in your relationship.


Radar Skills in Marriage

Navigate negative repeat situations and understand roles in conflicts. Learn three essential radar skills for strategic insights that benefit your marriage and family.

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