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Mark Spurlock has been in the counseling profession for over 25 years. Over the past 2 decades Mark Spurlock MFT Developed the 4 point Diamond Relationship Skills Quadrant that has helped thousands of Marriages survive and ultimately thrive. This skill based approach opens the doors for couples giving them the tools they need to effectively move past bitterness, and disconnection to renewed life and connection! *Emotion-*Communication-*Agreement-*Awareness. Contact him today to get into the treatment for your marriage. Learn to navigate past the negative emotional build up, communicate with love and respect, get into agreement and be aware of the patterns that are undermining your relationship.

Marks history as a therapist began working with children who are most vulnerable. His graduate education and experience began as a trauma therapist for children working in his graduate program with a 3 year placement at Western Youth Services in Orange County. By design he studied and was mentored with supervisors that were the best at what they did. He was mentored under Nancy Bostwick LCSW who came out of of USC graduate school. He participated in Project ACT (A Community Together) which focused on children in La Habra California schools as well as gang intervention in the community. He later was hired as a social worker in a group home for children who failed in foster homes. Extremely interested in children of trauma and how trauma affected an individual he worked as a group therapist in domestic violence and substance abuse treatment programs. Working with boys and girls during the day and he would see men and women who were convicted of domestic violence at night. He began to see the connections of how child abuse and child neglect affected individuals in their lifespan . Later he worked as a family trainer and social worker training foster families on how to most effectively reach children of trauma. As a leader in the field Mark founded the Substance Abuse Committee with the internationally recognised SDDVC San Diego Domestic Violence Council. They established the substance abuse treatment protocols for the substance abuse groups for court ordered individuals for the courts and probation department. He was then elected by his peers on SDDVC to be an elected member at large for the Executive Committee for the San Diego Domestic Violence Council. In 2010 Mark opened the Mark Spurlock MFT Child and Family Counseling Center, now Spurlock Marriage & Family Therapy. The last 14 years his focus has been on treatment of marriages in crisis, families and individuals in a private practice setting.

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